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Our community now has a resource to provide alerts about emergencies and other important Emergency Preparedness information directly to all your devices including e-mail, home phone and cell phone. Annapolis REMO uses the Alertable system to allow for multiple means of communication for both Emergency Alerts and relaying Emergency Preparedness information.

Alertable will be used to share time-sensitive information and direction related to local emergencies such as wildfires, floods, or other hazards that may occur within the Annapolis County region. Alertable is simple for people in all areas of Annapolis County to sign up and receive emergency-related alerts.

Residents and visitors in each community are encouraged to subscribe to Alertable and choose their preferred method for receiving alerts. Signing up for alerts through the smart phone app is recommended because it gives users the option to receive alerts from any jurisdiction that uses the app based on their real-time location. It should be noted that you can sign up for more than one option. In addition to the app option there many others to choose from as well, including text, email, phone, website, social media, home smart speaker and more. You choose which options work best for you!

How to get alerts
Download the free Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant home devices. Then, select your location in the region. If there is an active emergency near you, you will receive Municipal emergency notifications through Alertable.

Personalize your Notifications:
With Alertable, you can register for emergency notifications based on your phone’s geographic location as well as your designated home address. Keeping you safe while travelling or allowing you to learn about what is happening at home even if you are out of town. Individuals can select the alert level they would like to receive (e.g. advisory, or critical alert notifications) as well as the type of alerts (e.g. Health based alerts such as air quality levels, natural disaster alerts such as hurricanes, or weather alerts such as wind, snow or extreme cold).  Notifications are fast, reliable, private and easy to hear, see and read.

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How to sign up for Alertable

The following are links to videos that may be helpful:

ALERTABLE  F.A.Q’s - https://faq.peasi.com/app-faq/en//


For other support, contact Alertable at - info@peasi.com

Your Regional Emergency Management Organization

The Regional Emergency Management Organization (Annapolis REMO) is responsible for providing a prompt and coordinated response to emergencies that occur within its jurisdiction. “Emergency” is ‘an abnormal situation which, in order to limit danger to people, or damage to property or the environment, requires prompt action beyond normal procedures’.    Who Is REMO?   Click Here 

Regional Emergency
Management Coordinator
Towns & County After hours
Utilities and Roads
Other Resources
Phone: (902) 532-0258
Fax: (902) 532-2096
Email: remo@annapoliscounty.ca
Annapolis County:
(844) 944-4074

Annapolis Royal:
(902) 526-2429

(902) 825-4449
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The Municipality of the County of Annapolis, the Town of Annapolis Royal, and the Town of Middleton have entered into an
inter-municipal agreement aimed at jointly managing emergency prevention and mitigation, preparedness, planning,
response, and recovery efforts. This collaborative initiative is facilitated through Annapolis REMO,
ensuring a coordinated and cohesive response across the region.

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